Chris Martin: ‘I always feel like each Coldplay record is our last’

Frontman also compares 'Mylo Xyloto' to a sandwich

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has said that the band believe they have thrown everything they have into their fifth studio album ‘Mylo Xyloto’.

The band will release the album on October 24, with a single, titled ‘Paradise’, set to come out on September 12.

Speaking to Billboard, the singer also said the band were inspired to begin work on the album early after producer Brian Eno wrote them a letter.

Martin said of this:

When we finished the last record ‘Viva La Vida’, we were all feeling pretty pleased with ourselves when it was like Number One or whatever. Then… Brian Eno wrote to us and said, “Dear Coldplay. I really think we’ve made a good record here. But I do think we can do a lot better, and I feel we all need to get back to work as soon as possible.

The singer also said that the band feel they have “thrown everything” into ‘Mylo Xyloto’, he added:

I always feel like each record is our last, but at the moment I’m in the stage where I really mean it. I just can’t imagine how we would do another one, because we’ve thrown everything. When it’s finished, we won’t have been able to put more work into it, which I guess is the only thing we can really do.

The frontman also bizarrely compared their new LP to a sandwich when he responded to a question about whether the band record with an audience in mind. He said:

We don’t make it for us, we don’t make it to sell millions, we don’t make it to answer critics or anything. We make it so that if you’re in a store and you buy our record, or a ticket, like a good sandwich, you go, ‘That’s good!’ That’s all it is.