Coldplay: ”Mylo Xyloto’ could be our last album’

Chris Martin also names Adele and Justin Bieber as the band's competition

Coldplay have said that their new album ‘Mylo Xyloto’ could be their “last album”.

The band release the album, which is their fifth studio LP, a week on Monday (October 24), with two singles ‘Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall’ and ‘Paradise’, already released.

Speaking to the Mail On Sunday, the band’s frontman Chris Martin said that he could not imagine recording another album at the moment as the band have put so much time and energy into the creation of ‘Mylo Xyloto’.


He said: “This could be our last album. It’s the distillation of three years’ work and right now I can’t imagine where another one would come from.”

Martin also said he and his band regarded Adele and Justin Bieber as their competition in the music world and felt they had to put as much energy into their work as those two artists do.

He added:

Now we have Justin Bieber and Adele to compete with and they’re a lot younger. We have to have the energy to put as much effort into our work as they do. If it’s over, it’s over and I can live with that. The most important thing always is to proceed as if every album is the last and not expect anything more.

‘Mylo Xyloto’, which features a guest appearance from Rihanna, is released next Monday. Coldplay tour the UK in December, playing three arena shows.

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