Coldplay: ”Mylo Xyloto’ is a concept album about love conquering all’

Band also say the album has 'urban and dance influences in there'

Coldplay have said that their new album ‘Mylo Xyloto’ is a concept album about two characters ‘Mylo’ and ‘Xyloto’ who meet and fall in love.

The band release the album, which is their fifth studio LP, a week on Monday (October 24) and have also revealed that it is strongly influenced by dance and urban music.

Speaking to The Sun, drummer Will Champion revealed that the album follows the story of two characters and the struggle they go through to find love.


He said of the concept and characters: “They fall in love and try to escape together, the songs following what happens. ‘Charlie Brown’ is about running away while ‘Paradise’ is about feeling lost. The ending is very powerful and about love conquering all.”

Bassist Guy Berryman also said that the band felt “bold” on this album and were unafraid to incorporate new influences and sounds, including a guest spot from Rihanna.

He said:

We love Rihanna’s music. We love so many different kinds of music that there is really nothing to lose by reflecting that in your record. We’ve been brave and bold with these songs. There are more modern, urban and dance influences in there. We approached it with a lot of confidence.

Champion also revealed that the album was almost an acoustic release before the band wrote new single ‘Paradise’, adding: “We’d started an acoustic album but then we wrote ‘Paradise’ and knew the acoustic thing didn’t have legs.”

Coldplay tour the UK in December, playing three arena shows. You can watch a compilation video of the 10 best Coldplay tracks by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.