Chris Martin: ‘Coldplay’s new album is about OCD and addiction’

However, singer denies band are working on concept album

Coldplay‘s Chris Martin has revealed the band’s new album will be about “love, addiction [and] OCD”.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, the frontman explained that the album, the band’s fifth, will be inspired by “working for someone you don’t like”.

However, Martin appeared to contradict comments he made to BBC News about the album last month by denying that the band are working on a “concept album”.

Discussing the album in December, he stated: “It’s a concept album but it’s supposed to be very personal within a big framework.”

However, he has now claimed it will instead be a “thinly veiled account of what happens within the group”.

“It’s supposed to be about life, the good stuff and the bad stuff. Everything,” Martin said.

The band have spent the past year working with Brian Eno and producer Marcus Dravs on sessions for the follow-up to 2008’s ‘Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends’.