Coldplay deny copying music in federal court

Band legally discount Joe Satriani's claim

Coldplay have gone to court to discount claims that they copied the music for their song ‘Viva La Vida’.

The band denied claims by Joe Satriani that they used his music for the track, which appeared on their most recent album of the same name.

The case was filed in a Los Angeles court yesterday, and the band’s attorneys said that Satriani’s song “lack’s originality” and the similarities between their song and Satriani’s ‘If I Could Fly’ are not enough to pay Satriani damages.

Satriani is saying they used “substantial, original portions” of his 2004 song, reports the Associated Press.

His lawyer Howard E King says the response by the band is commonplace in a copyright infringement case such as this one.

As Coldplay’s Chris Martin told NME Radio last year, he insisted he did not copy Joe Satriani and suggested any similarities were purely a “coincidence”.

–By our New York staff.
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