‘The Simpsons’ ask fans to design character for episode with Coldplay’s Chris Martin

Viewers character design to appear in the cartoon next year

A character designed by a contest winner will appear in an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ early next year.

The show is already set to see a guest cameo from Coldplay‘s Chris Martin, and the contest is being staged as part of ‘The Simpsons’‘ 20-year anniversary.

Entries to the competition can be submitted online at TheSimpsons.com/character until October 24 and, according to the show’s executive producer Al Jean, should be “pithy and funny”.


Jean will be judging the competition alongside the show’s creator, and next year’s ATP curator, Matt Groening.

The submitted character must be a human being, and those entering the competition should describe their character’s traits as well as giving their name, nickname, occupation, age, appearance and catchphrases.

The winner will be announced in mid-October and will be flown to Los Angeles to work with the show’s animation director and producers.

The character’s spot in the Chris Martin episode has been reserved and will be seen as Homer rushes to a wedding ceremony after buying a lottery ticket, reports Associated Press.

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