Chris Martin responds the the Poptones label chief's constant jibes...

Coldplay‘s Chris Martin has finally broken his silence over ALAN McGEE‘s “bedwetter” jibe with a tongue-in-cheek tirade, NME.COM can reveal.

The singer, who has previously bitten his tongue about the attack on Coldplay after they were nominated for last month’s Mercury Music Prize, ranted: “Alan McGee is weird – he eats babies. He chases horses. I mean, he’s crazy. He steals cars, do you know what I mean? The guy’s a criminal.”

Chris was speaking earlier this month after a gig to Alex Millar, a journalist for Newcastle student magazine The Courier. Alex told NME.COM he got the impression that although Chris had been genuinely hurt by McGee‘s comments, his jibes were meant humorously.


The row started in July when the Mercury nominations failed to include Primal Scream, the band McGee is temporarily managing. The ex-Creation boss also said recently: “They may as well be saying, ‘Bend me over the desk and take me up the arse’.”

When contacted by NME.COM about the Martin outburst, McGee retorted: “Coming from a bloke who looks like Andy Crane (late-80’s childrens’ TV presenter) before EMI told him to get his haircut and who now looks like a public schoolboy version of an extra from ‘Nil By Mouth’, I suppose that’s a compliment.

Coldplay are the dictionary definition of corporate rock. The singer is about as weird as Phil Collins. They are career rock personified. EMI should’ve signed Otis The Aadvark instead. At least he only sucks his thumb rather than corporate cock.”

Visit NME.COM later today for the first of an exclusive two-part interview with McGee.

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