Coldplay make merchandise ‘no crap zone’

Chris Martin and co dump dodgy T-shirts

Coldplay have withdrawn some of their official merchandise from sale after the band were dissatisfied with the quality of the products for sale at their US gigs.

Frontman Chris Martin made his feelings clear as the band’s 67-date world tour kicked off (July 15).

“We were in the dressing room in LA looking at some of the stuff and much of it, especially some of the t-shirts, looked terrible,” he explained.

The singer insisted that the products must match the standard of his band’s music, despite the likelihood the band will lose money because of the decision to withdraw the items from sale.

“We put so much work into our music,” he said. “The same quality control has to extend to stuff being sold at our shows and we made that clear. It has to be a no crap zone.”