Coldplay’s Chris Martin struggles with karaoke snub – Tabloid Hell

'It's the ultimate measure of success' says singer

Chris Martin is upset at Coldplay‘s meagre take-up in the karaoke market.

As the band gear up to release new album ‘Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends’, The Sun reports that the next phase of Martin‘s quest for ultimate musical power is the karaoke bars of the world.

He apparently said: “I’m really determined that there should be more Coldplay songs in karaoke bars. I’ve been into them and you open the lyrics book and there are a million Beatles songs. There’s dozens of ABBA, Culture Club and even Bucks Fizz, but Coldplay? There will be two or at most three.”

But Martin has a solution: “If we could just get eight in every bar worldwide I’d be happy. I would know we’ve made it. I think there are three karaoke possibilities on ‘Viva La Vida’. It surely has to be the ultimate measure of success.”

He also admitted to being no stranger to the pastime himself: “I got up in a bar one night with my mate Tim Wheeler (from Ash). We did ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. It was appaling.”