Coldplay guitarist: ‘I’d give it all up for Tottenham Hotspur’

Should Chris Martin be worried about Johnny Buckland?

Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland has admitted that he would give music up for the chance to play for his favourite football team Tottenham Hotspur.

The lifelong Spurs supporter made the confession when asked by the club’s official magazine, Hotspur, during an interview if he would trade his multi-million selling rock star life for the chance.

“I wanted to be in a band from age 11,” he joked, “but I wanted to be a footballer from the age of five. But there’s still time!”


Buckland revealed that Chris Martin supports Michael Jackson and Uri Geller‘s club of choice, Exeter City, and that the band have a Coldplay football team of their own. “It’s just a six-a-side thing,” he said. “We try and find some locals to play with wherever we are in the world.

“There’s me and Will (Champion, drummer), a couple of guys from the crew and we’ve got a security guy in goal. He’s a man mountain, so it’s really hard to score past him.”

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