Coldplay: ‘Jay-Z at Glastonbury best thing for the world’

Chris Martin bigs up this year's Saturday night headliner

Coldplay‘s Chris Martin has publicly shown his support for Glastonbury headliner Jay-Z.

Martin told Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 1 that he could not understand why people had been criticising the rapper, who is due to head up the Pyramid Stage at the bash on June 28.

“Why would we need to [play Glastonbury], considering the best musician on the planet is headlining?” he asked. “I find it pretty embarrassing, all the palaver [over Jay-Z‘s booking].

“We recently came back to England to find all this all this hoo-hah, grandpas complaining about things they don’t know about,” he continued. “Coldplay not playing and Jay-Z playing is exactly what needs to happen for the world. He’s the best rapper in the world.”

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