Coldplay break silence on new album

Chris Martin promises a song 'everybody has to hear'

Coldplay’s Chris Martin has been discussing their new album – and has revealed the band have already worked on a song he wants everybody to hear.

Martin has said the follow up to 2005’s ’X&Y’ will see the band trying out new things.

The singer explained: “I think for a long time, people felt like we were a band in black and white, and now we feel like because we have this incredible job, now we can do whatever we like and try all kinds of new things.”

The frontman said that the band were excited about one currently untitled track in particular, Yahoo News reports.

“In order for us to get excited about a new album, we have to have one song that we feel like everybody had to hear this song before we die, otherwise we’ll be terribly depressed,” he explained. “So luckily with this new record, we’re going to make, we have that one song.”

As previously reported, Brian Eno is set to produce the album which will be the first to be recorded in the band’s purpose built studio in north London.

Meanwhile, Coldplay have just completed a tour of Latin America, which saw them play Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.