Coldplay deny hiatus

They won’t be taking five years off after all

Coldplay have denied reports that they are taking five years off.

It follows rumours that singer Chris Martin said the band needed more time to spend with their families.

Martin was apparently overheard saying: “It’s going to be a long, long time before you hear a new album from us. We’ve done a few things, but we’re all enjoying having families at the moment. If it takes five years for us to feel ready to record something new, then so be it. We need plenty of time to let it come together organically.”

The quotes however could not be directly linked to the Coldplay singer, and now Ambrosia Healy, a spokeperson for the group’s US record label Capitol Records has denied the group will be taking so long off.

“The band are enjoying a much deserved break, which I think everybody knows,” she explained. “No, there isn’t a self-imposed ‘five-year hiatus’.

“There isn’t a timetable for them recording the follow up to (2005 album) ’X&Y’. They’re enjoying not having a plan at the moment. Isn’t that what a break is all about?”

As previously reported by NME.COM, Martin has worked on a track with Jay-Z for his forthcoming album ’Kingdom Come’.