Coldplay discuss new album

Jonny Buckland talks about Brian Eno

Coldplay have been discussing the possibility of working with Brian Eno on their new album.

Guitarist Jonny Buckland said that the legendary U2 producer picked them.

He said: “Well, we kind of more feel that he picked us really. With someone like Brian, if you can persuade him to work with you, you’re doing well.”

Eno told BBC 6 Music‘s Music Week about the project saying: “They want to take their music somewhere else. We’re really at the very beginning of it, but it sounds very promising to me.”

Frontman Chris Martin spoke about the possibility of the band playing Glastonbury, he told: “I think Glastonbury is bored of us and I don’t think we can even take a harmonica down there for a good 15 years. I mean, we might go but you’re got to know when you’re welcome and when you’re not.”

As previously reported, the band are set to release the boxset ’The Singles 1999- 2006’ on March 26.