And the Coldplay singer has his pal Danny McNamara to thank...

[url=]COLDPLAY’s CHRIS MARTIN celebrated his birthday by having 2,000 people sing happy birthday to him down the phone.

The singer, who celebrated his 28th birthday on Tuesday (March 1), was phoned by his friend, Embrace singer Danny McNamara, during a gig at Cambridge Corn Exchange.

The capacity crowd then joined in a rendition of happy birthday while Martin listened on the other end.

Martin, who is readying the new Embrace[/a]’s 2004 hit song ’Gravity’.

Singer Danny pulled off his stunt after the band completed their encore at the end of the sell-out concert.

He had earlier told the crowd that he would phone Chris Martin while he was performing ’Gravity’.

One audience member said: “Danny just pulled his mobile phone out and announced he was going to phone Chris.

“He got him on the other end, wished him happy birthday and had a bit of a chat.

“He then held the phone up to the audience and everyone sang happy birthday.”