The group leave Live8 early for their own show...

COLDPLAY flew to GLASGOW directly after their appearance on the LIVE 8 stage in LONDON last night (July 2).

The band played the second of two sold-out nights at the city’s Bellahouston Park, a gig which had been announced prior to Live 8.

Despite travelling to and from London that day and playing three gigs in 24 hours the band seemed in fantastic spirits, with Chris Martin even declaring at the end that he considered this show the best they’d ever played.


Making reference to Live 8 just before playing ‘Yellow’ he said “Today’s one of the most important days in musical history and we’re glad to be here with you on it. We’re in a very good mood and we hope you are too”.

During ’Everything’s Not Lost’ he asked the crowd “sing it to George Bush, he’s flying in” while pointing skywards, and added a chorus of Status Quo’s ’Rockin’ All Over The World’ to the end of ’In My Place’ – as he also did earlier at Live 8, the song being the one which opened Live Aid 20 years ago.

The setlist ran:

‘Square One’




‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’

‘Speed Of Sound’


‘Warning Sign’

‘Everything’s Not Lost’

‘White Shadows’

‘The Scientist’

‘’Till Kingdom Come’

‘Don’t Panic’



‘What If’

‘In My Place’

‘Fix You’