Fans may have to wait a while yet...

COLDPLAY’s new album might not be out until June, according to US press reports.

As previously reported, the group have been in the US working on mixes for songs for their third album, which was currently set for release in spring.

However, according to Billboard in the US, the album may not see the light of day until June.

Speaking recently to the band’s official newsletter, drummer Will Champion hinted the band may play some gigs in Britain to coincide with the release, despite being “utterly petrified” at the prospect having not done a gig in 16 months.

He said: “I think we were in no hurry (to finish the album) because the prospect of touring again was so daunting that we felt we should take our time, and also we wanted to make sure that it was the best it could possibly be.

“But in the end, having no deadline became a problem because we never really felt the need to finish anything. As soon as we gave ourselves a proper deadline we started to be much more productive and the stuff we were doing was miles better. It’s always the same with us, the best stuff comes when we start to panic.”

Speaking about the sound of the record, he continued: “It’s like a natural progression from the last record. The difference between ‘In My Place’ and ‘Clocks’ on ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’ represented the change between the oldest and the newest songs of that album and there are songs that kind of pick up where ‘Clocks’ left off, but also ones that have moved on a bit.”

The band are also strongly rumoured to be headlining the Saturday night (June 25) of this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

NME.COM was recently allowed into the studio to hear songs from the band’s third album. The group were still putting the finishing touches to the currently untitled record, which is due in spring.

Early sessions with long time producer Ken Nelson were scrapped and the band went back into rehearsals as a four-piece band before attempting the album for a second time with new producer Danton Supple.

Chris Martin told NME.COM: “Writing is what we’ve been doing all day, every day. It’s been quite turbulent. We’ve been through a lot of songs and a lot of sounds, a lot of studios. It took us a long time to realise the four of us should go into a rehearsal room again and play together rather than rely on technological assistance.”

NME.COM heard six tracks – ‘Square One’, ‘Talk’, ‘‘Till Kingdom Come’, ‘X&Y’, ‘What If’ and ‘The Hardest Part’. The material shows a huge progression from the classic Coldplay sound, mixing their trademark anthems with ’70s electronica. Kraftwerk, [/a] and Brian Eno are all influences, while ‘Talk’ features the riff from [a]’s ‘Computer Love’.

Martin continued: “We’ve got some fucking good songs. That’s one thing we are sure of. I don’t think we’ll top this. I always say that, but this time I really mean it. I really don’t think we’ll top it.”