Chris Martin says Coldplay’s lyrics will get better

He admits there's room for improvement

Chris Martin has admitted that Coldplay‘s much-maligned lyrics need improving – and the band have plans to make them better.

Martin claimed in a recent interview that he couldn’t pick a favourite lyric of his because he didn’t think they were very good.

Speaking yesterday (October 24) to Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2, Martin claimed: “One thing we’re working on is our lyrics. They’re about to get brilliant.

“I don’t want to go on about what we’re about to do but we’re about to get a lot better and part of that is lyrically.”

The singer also revealed that the band were working on new material, and the process was causing him some stress.

He admitted:”I can’t sleep at the moment, cos we’re working on new stuff.” The band have already stated they hope to get the follow-up to this year’s ‘X&Y’ out as quickly as possible.

Coldplay‘s European tour starts on Wednesday (October 26) in Belgium.