You tell us what you think of Super Monday’s big releases…

COLDPLAY, The Tears and White Stripes are all locked in battle for Sunday’s Number One position in the album charts, with fans flocking to the shops to support their favourite.

Yesterday’s ’Super Monday’ saw the release of ’X&Y’, ’Get Behind Me Satan’ and ’Here Come The Tears’ and you, the readers of NME.COM, have been emailing to voice your opinions of three of the most hotly anticipated LPs of the year.

As previously reported, of the three albums, Coldplay’s ‘X&Y’ is expected to clinch the Number One spot, with some industry insiders suggesting its first-week sales could rival that of the fastest-selling album ever, Oasis’ ‘Be Here Now’, which sold nearly 700,000 copies on its week of release in August 1997.

However, here are a selection of your opinions on the albums that are racing for the top of the charts.

Coldplay have said that with the release of this album it’s like waiting for exam results after all the hard work of months and months. Well I can say they have passed with flying colours. Where Oasis fell Coldplay have kept on running with a truly fabulous third album.” David.

“’Here Come The Tears’ knocks the band’s musical competitors flat on their asses and sends them wailing back to safer ground. This album may or may not chart well but one thing is for certain a lot of people need to be stepping aside…” Susie de Medeiros

[/a], are two hugely talented individuals who having continually broken down sonic barriers and who have crafted this immense record without claiming it’s a revolution or that it ‘nearly killed them’. I expect they won’t come out on top but people who really appreciate music will buy their album in far greater numbers than either of the other two watered down wailings masquerading as ‘music’ from Coldplay and [a]” Jenny

”If you like your music to be well played, sophisticated, mature, epic, melodic, musically challenging, with great guitar playing – buy ‘Here Come The Tears’.” Mark Rodrigues

”There was so much hype surrounding the release of

’X&Y’ and I can honestly say I am not disappointed. I have had it on repeat all day and can see it remaining that way for many weeks to come. Well done lads for creating a great record and look forward to hearing it all live at Crystal Palace at the end of the month!” Chantelle, Tunbridge Wells.

”[a][/a]’s new record is simply ground breaking. A great day for great music!” Greg Cross.

As predicted, early indications reveal that Coldplay are currently ahead in the sales battle but which album has your backing, or will you be investing in all three? Stay tuned to NME.COM for the latest on the most exciting chart battle in years.