Coldplay are moving into new phase

Next album could sound like ABBA or they might just wear frocks

Coldplay have announced that current album ‘X&Y’ marks the end of the first phase of their career.

The band explained that they have already been working on new material while on tour, and plan to move away from their current sound.

Chris Martin told Xfm: “We’re always working on new material. We’ve got no laurels to rest on. We’re still looking for our laurels in my opinion. We’ve everything to prove and we’ve finished phase one of Coldplay and now we’re going to enter phase two, which could be the ABBA phase it could be the transvestite phase, who knows, but it’ll definitely be good.”

Martin added that the new songs they’ve already written are more stripped down the material on their first three albums.

“It’s not a reaction against anything as much as an evolvement,” he explained. “But the new record’s going to blow your socks off. Or tights, depending on what you’re wearing.”