The band premiere two tracks from their forthcoming third album in London…

COLDPLAY showcased their upcoming third album at gig in LONDON late last week (January 27).

Chris Martin and bandmate Will Champion previewed two songs from the new LP at a Parlophone Records concert in London, which also featured short performances from Athlete and Johnny Cash.

The pair, both playing acoustic guitars, debuted ’A Message’ after kicking off with another new song, simply referred to as ‘Track 12’.

Martin told the audience: “The point is, it’s [the album] going to be good. But don’t judge it on what you hear tonight because we’re playing ‘Track 12’, which is very obscure, which is the only one we can do at the moment.”

As reported in Music Week, ’Track 12’ was later described by the singer as “our [a][/a] song”, and is likely to be ’’Till Kingdom Come’, a song NME.COM heard in the band’s studio last year.

Coldplay are yet to complete the follow-up to 2002’s ’A Rush Of Blood To The Head’. As previously reported, NME.COM has heard six of the new tracks – ‘Square One’, ‘Talk’, ‘‘Till Kingdom Come’, ‘X&Y’, ‘What If’ and ‘The Hardest Part’.

Martin said of the album: “We’ve got some fucking good songs. That’s one thing we are sure of. I don’t think we’ll top this. I always say that, but this time I really mean it. I really don’t think we’ll top it.”