The Coldplay singer speaks out about chart rival…

COLDPLAY’s CHRIS MARTIN has confessed his desire to eat THE CRAZY FROG.

Speaking about the band’s recent chart battle with the animated star, Martin also revealed details of his rival’s backstage habits.

“We refer to him as ‘That Little Frog’,” he said. “We don’t like the frog and it brings me out in hives. I go red. The point is that little thing should have its legs chopped off and I’d like to eat them in a restaurant.”

Speaking to Xfm, Martin continued: “I don’t know what I’m talking about. We love the frog. He’s friendly nice. We saw him backstage at ’Top Of The Pops’. He was doing all kinds of drugs. He was with all kinds of pond life hanging around him.

“He has such a big entourage. Two toads are his bouncers, and a duck that follows him around filming things. I mean, he’s cool but he’s annoying. And don’t think we hadn’t thought of covering his song…”

The Crazy Frog’s ’Axel F’ outsold Coldplay’s recent single ’Speed Of Sound’ by four copies to one to hit the Number One position in last weekend’s charts (May 28).

Martin also has spoke out about how much the band have been ‘stealing’ from their influences for their latest album ’X&Y’, which is released on June 6.

He said: “As people listen to the album more and more it’ll become apparent just how much we’ve plagiarised. To me, at the end of our album we should have had a bibliography, or a discography, or references. The end of ‘What If’ is taken from The Beatles. We were stealing from a lot of people. Much more than people think.”