They're getting bigger and bigger...

Legal download sales in the UK have topped the 500,000 mark in a year, according to new figures.

According to statistics released by the Official UK Chart Company, the most recent year-to-date figures register half a million legal downloads compared to virtually none for the same period in the previous year.

So far, the biggest selling download in the UK is Coldplay‘s cover of the Pretenders’ Christmas hit ‘2,000 Miles’, closely followed by ‘Hey Ya’ by OutKast .

Peter Jamieson, Chairman of music industry trade body the BPI, welcomed the news. He said: “With 500,000 legal downloads sold already this year, we have hit yet another milestone in the development of this exciting new market for music.

“Investors are showing confidence in the future of music and putting their money into new download stores and music consumers are voting with their wallets and buying in their hundreds of thousands. This is shaping up to be a breakthrough year for the music industry.”

The downloading craze will soon by recognised by an Official UK Download Chart, expected to launch this summer.