Well, they are now very keen to know what people think of their new album...

COLDPLAY fans anxiously awaiting exam results can take some comfort in the fact that their favourite band knows their pain.

Singer Chris Martin and bassist Guy Berryman revealed in an interview for MTV that waiting for the release of new album ‘X&Y’ feels exactly the same.

“We’re in that period where it’s like we’re waiting for exam results — we’ve worked as hard as we could and now we have to wait for this period until things get marked,” Martin explained. “And so it’s probably the healthiest thing for us to go around and try to convince people that it’s good.”


“Even when you get exam results, there’s a sense of relief, even if you get a bad mark,” Berryman added. “I mean, it’s been so long in the making, and it’s been such an emotional ride, with many, many hours spent in the studio. So it’s nice that it’s finally coming out.”

The band said that after the long drawn-out recording process, where much material was scrapped, they had no desire to check over their papers one last time.

“We don’t listen to it at the moment, because we’d just find something to go back and change,” Martin said.” That’s the case with everything we do. We’re just last-minute sort of people.”

’X&Y’ is released on June 6.