Coldplay close Nokia Isle Of Wight Festival

Chris Martin and co catch World Cup fever

Coldplay have closed the Nokia Isle Of Wight Festival tonight (June 11), paying special tribute to England striker Peter Crouch.

Including songs ’Yellow’, ’Swallowed In The Sea’, ’Fix You’ and ’The Scientist’ in their set, frontman Chris Martin unveiled his tribute to the lanky footballer.

“I’ve got a secret to share with you,” Martin told the crowd. “If England do well in the World Cup we’re going to release a single called ’Do The Crouch’. So if England win the world cup we’re going to get our first number one.”

Calling the song “very simple”, Martin then revealed the lyrics: Get up off the sofa/ get up off the couch/ stop what you’re doing and do the Crouch/.

The band then worked the song about the former Queens Park Rangers man into several of their own tracks.

On ’Don’t Panic’, which saw guitarist Johnny Buckland sing the second verse, Martin worked the lyrics into the final chorus, he did the same during ’Talk’ and copied the striker’s robotic dance during ’In My Place’

Coldplay also paid tribute to Lou Reed covering his classic ’Perfect Day’.

Earlier with the sun-setting, Reed himself played a well-received evening set.

Joined on stage as usual by his Tai Chi master, the former Velvet Underground leader revisited early parts of his career including ’I’m Waiting For My Man’ and ’White Light/ White Heat’.

Following Reed, Richard Ashcroft took to the stage with a politically charged performance.

Before playing a note the singer voiced his opposition to the Iraq war and Tony Blair shouting “Bring the boys home, Tony, live in peace!”

The set, which mixed songs from his former band The Verve and his solo work, included ’Lucky Man’, ’Music Is Power’ and ’Drugs Don’t Work’, as Ashcroft then took aim at the Conservative Party.

“Don’t vote Cameron,” he declared referring to new Tory leader David Cameron before adding. “Don’t vote for Blair either. Whatever you do don’t vote Tories, never ever! Fuck Cameron it’s all spin, bullshit!”

Closing with a rousing version of ’Bitter Sweet Symphony’, Ashcroft twisted the Verve’s songs lyrics, thanking the crowd for “letting me be myself”.

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