The band celebrate the arrival of Chris and Gwynnie's baby by unveiling their new direction...

COLDPLAY have gone glam rock to celebrate the arrival of singer CHRIS MARTIN’s first baby.

Just days after singer Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow became parents to Apple Blyth Alison Martin, the band’s official website [/a]-style glam rock wigs.

The track features Martin ‘rapping’ to Gwyneth and baby Apple, claiming “I’ll be there through the thin and the thick / I’m gonna clean up all the poo and the sick.”

He also pokes fun at the physical implications of Gwyneth’s pregnancy: “There’s shit going down that you can’t disguise / when your boobs dem got ten times the size. The cups gone up from an A to D / It’s bad for you but it’s fun for me.”

The video is available to view online for one week only.