And it's all because Chris Martin wants to give Noel Gallagher a hug...

COLDPLAY’s CHRIS MARTIN risked serious injury on stage in LONDON last night – in an attempt to give a hug to NOEL GALLAGHER.

The band played a secret show at the Round Chapel in Hackney, east London, which was being recorded for a future broadcast on MTV in June.

During ’In My Place’ Martin spotted Gallagher on the balcony.

He climbed up onto the main speaker stack and then pulled himself onto the balcony. Once up there he found Noel and gave him a massive hug.

However, Martin then found himself stranded on the balcony, fifteen feet from where the rest of the band were attempting to continue the song without him.

After standing on the edge, Martin then jumped back onto the stage below.

Earlier in the night Chris Martin had covered ’Lyla’ as a tribute to his hero.

The show was the band’s only confirmed UK date prior to their headline appearance at this summer’s Glastonbury festival.

The setlist ran:

‘Square One’


‘God Put A Smile On Your Face’

‘Speed Of Sound’

‘Warning Sign’




‘The Scientist’

‘Till Kingdom Come’


‘What If’

‘In My Place’

‘Fix You’

The band’s new single ‘Speed Of Sound’ has made available from today (April 20) as an official download from the iTunes Music Store. The release date proper is May 23.