Chris Martin says being world sexiest vegetarian is strange

The singer admits not eating meat didn’t always charm the ladies…

CHRIS MARTIN has admitted being the WORLD’S SEXIEST VEGETARIAN is “strange”.

The Coldplay singer recently won the male accolade in an online PETA poll, but said it was a surprise as his non-meat eating ways often left the opposite sex unimpressed when he was younger.

”It’s very strange being the world’s sexiest vegetarian,” Martin told Rolling Stone, “because eight years ago if I’d invite someone over to my place for a tofu burger, they wouldn’t be interested.”

Martin it was just vegetarianism that hampered his chances, but his lack of carnal knowledge too.

”To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know what I was doing,” admitted the singer. “I wish someone would have come to me when I was 14 and explained how to give an orgasm.”