Coldplay kick off UK tour

The band, with a little help from Richard Ashcroft, shine in London

Coldplay kicked off their indoor UK tour in London last night (December 14).

The band, who had previously played a series of outdoor dates in Britain, performed their first significant British gig under a roof this year at Earl’s Court.

Boasting to the crowd they’d played in “116 countries” this year, frontman Chris Martin told the audience “it was great to be home” as the band played to a sold out and enthusiastic crowd.

Earlier, Coldplay had been supported by Richard Ashcroft who mixed new material including forthcoming single ‘Break The Night With Colour’ with older Verve favourites including set-closer ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’.

“This is a blues version of an old favourite,” he informed the crowd. “Without the strings and the fancy bits, without all the lawsuits.”

Coldplay then performed a set that mixed up songs from all their three albums, plus with a mini-acoustic set midway through their that included the song they wrote for Johnny Cash‘Til Kingdom Come’ – plus a cover of Cash’s ‘Ring Of Fire’.

Coldplay played:

‘Square One’



‘Speed Of Sound’

‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’


‘How You See The World’

‘White Shadows’

‘The Scientist’

‘Til’ Kingdom Come’

‘Ring Of Fire’

‘Don’t Panic’



‘Swallowed In The Sea’

‘In My Place’

‘Fix You’

Concluding the performance by sprinting to the back of the venue to say hello to fans sitting at the back, Martin told Earl’s Court: “Anyone who says that London audiences aren’t the best in the world is lying to you.”

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Meanwhile, Coldplay continue in London until December 16, before their tour moves round the country, concluding in Belfast on December 21.