The star also reveals the band deliberately chose a small venue for the recording of 'Live 2003'...

Coldplay’s CHRIS MARTIN has said he was “petrified” whilst filming the behind the scenes footage for the band’s new ‘LIVE 2003’ DVD.

The package, which includes a live CD, was released on Monday (November 10).

” It’s very weird filming everyday life,” Martin explained on the bands official website. “‘Cause you’re like slave to the camera and you’re thinking all the time ‘I better do something interesting’, but sometimes you end up just sitting totally still, petrified about doing anything.”

Chris also revealed the reason they chose gig footage from a smaller venue for the DVD. “The reason we didn’t film a big gig was we had to leave ourselves somewhere to go,” he explained. “There’s lots of people that don’t want to see us in a massive place and so the DVD we’re releasing is us in a medium sized place. There’s lots of people that hate us since we left the clubs and I understand why, so that’s why we haven’t gone for a stadium DVD first.”

The DVD was filmed at Sydney’s Horden Pavilion, which was one of the smallest venues on the band’s world tour. “It was the smallest that we could film it in and not make it look like, you know,” he said. “I always think ‘Live By The Sea’, Oasis’ first DVD, was the right size, and then you see them at Maine Road and stuff.”

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the Sydney performance featured on ’Live 2003’ which was released on Monday (10), will be aired on Channel 4 early on Saturday (15) morning at 00.15am.