The band delight fans with an 'intimate' gig at the Forum as their new album heads for Number One...

COLDPLAY played a triumphant homecoming gig in LONDON last night (August 29) in the week that their new album was heading for Number One.

The band, who formed in London three years ago after meeting at university, played a one-off date at the Forum in north London. Singer Chris Martin told the audience the night would be a “big party and a homecoming”.

The gig sold out instantly. The 2,000-capacity Forum now counts as an intimate venue for Coldplay, who play an arena tour later this year. ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’, the band’s second album, was released last Monday (August 26). Coldplay opened their 90-minute set with ‘Politik’ and revealed a bigger live sound to showcase their new songs.

Singer Chris Martin even managed to get the audience to sing along to entire verses during ‘Yellow’, ‘Trouble’ and ‘In My Place. At one point during a rousing audience singalong, Martin declared: “We’ve finally made it to being stadium rock!”

Martin also made a joke at his own band’s expense, when he dedicated ‘Trouble’ to Darius Danesh, whose ‘Colourblind’ single beat ‘In My Place’ to Number One. The Coldplay singer said: “We got beaten by Darius, which is fair enough – he’s better. No, don’t boo! We heard Darius was into us, so we don’t mind. He’s more handsome.”

Coldplay also continued their new habit of celebrity cover versions aimed at members of the audience. Following Chris Martin’s cover of Oasis’ ‘Songbird’ when the Gallaghers were in the audience for Coldplay in New York, Ash received the same honour at the Forum when Martin performed a version of ‘Shining Light’ at the piano. He told the audience: “That’s one of the best songs I know. This next song (‘Warning Sign’) is going out to anyone in Ash and anyone who likes Ash.”

Ash frontman Tim Wheeler, who was in the audience, appeared touched by the gesture. Once the radio broadcast had stopped, Martin also performed a brief rendition of Westlife’s ‘Flying Without Wings’. The band also played ‘Happy Birthday’ for their longtime manager Phil Harvey.

Coldplay played: ‘Politik’





‘One I Love’

‘Don’t Panic’

‘Everything’s Not Lost’

‘Shining Light’

‘Warning Sign’

‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’


‘The Scientist’


‘In My Place’

‘Life Is For Living’

‘Lips Like Sugar’