Chris Martin bucks the rockstar trend...

COLDPLAY’s Chris Martin has turned down $85 million to use the band’s music for advertising.

While many artists including ‘independent’ artists have licensed their music or actually appeared in ads for brands such as Gap, Coldplay have decided to make a stand against it. Moby famously licensed every single track from ‘Play’.

“What does it matter? It matters everything, man,” he told US website Allstar. “What does it matter that Mike Myers, five years ago in Wayne’s World, did a whole skit taking the mickey out of product placement, and now, in Austin Powers, there is something being advertised in pretty much every scene. That’s what upsets me. That they have made a third film where they have used the same jokes and just added a whole bunch of coffee cups.”

Many of the current generation of acts are ambivalent towards licensing their music. However Blur, while licensing some tracks, famously turned down a mult-million dollar deal for the US Military to use ‘Song 2’.

Chris Martin joked that he was “sure” that when they “fuck up” they will “go crawling back to the Gap and say, ‘Hey, are you sure you don’t want a song?'”