A UK newspaper claims the band plan to give 10% of their earnings to good causes...

COLDPLAY are reportedly planning to donate 10% of everything they earn to charity.

The group are famous for their work for Oxfam’s ‘Make Trade Fair’ campaign, with the band appearing at regular fund-raising events, and singer Chris Martin constantly wearing a t-shirt plugging the cause.

Now, The Sun newspaper claims that Coldplay are to go one step further – by donating ten per cent of everything they earn to charity. The paper claim they have set up a bank account to store the cash, which will be shared out to various charities decided by the band.


A band source said: “In this age of record company greed it’s refreshing to see Coldplay donating some of this hard-earned cash to so many good causes. Few bands have ever done anything like this on such a scale.”

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