'One I Love is one of 'In My Place''s B-sides...

COLDPLAY have announced final details of their new single ‘IN MY PLACE’.

The single, which is released on August 5, will be backed by two new tracks, ‘I Bloom Blaum’ and ‘One I Love’, which has formed part of the band’s recent live set.

The single is the first to be taken from the group’s forthcoming second album, ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’, which is released on August 26.

In related news, drummer Will Champion has written to fans on the band’s official website www.coldplay.com, talking about the difficult recording sessions for ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’.

However, he said that the problems made the album better as a result. He wrote: “The recording of the album was a weird time for all of us. Having been touring the first album for nearly two years the prospect of putting ideas down on tape was all that we were looking forward to. When we eventually finished touring in September of last year, we went straight into the studio without really taking too much time off.

“Things seemed to be going really well, and in many cases we thought that we might actually have got some usable stuff down. Trouble is when things go smoothly with us, invariably it means that the end product is no good. We spent two months working on songs, quite a few of which, after a break and reappraisal turned out to be not so good. Songs like ‘Animals’, ‘Idiot’, ‘I Ran Away’ and ‘Murder’ were chucked and we knew we had to change location and get writing…

“But the fact that we were frustrated and confused and sometimes panicked was bizarrely a good sign. For us, good things only come out of difficult times.”