But it's only the tracks that are available for official download...

The UK’s most downloaded songs will soon be compiled in a chart organised by the creators of the Top 40 Singles chart.

The Top 40 download chart will be ready by Christmas, created by the Official UK Charts Company and endorsed by the music industry according to digital music distributors, OD2.

However, it will only compile the 175,000 tracks from 7,500 artists such as Coldplay, Coral and [a][/a] which are currently available for official download on such websites as MSN, HMV and Freeserve.

Tracks downloaded from illegal file-sharing sites Morpheus and Kazaa will not be included in the chart.

There are thought to be 4,500,000 people downloading up to a billion pirated tracks over the Internet at any one time.

A provisional Top 40 download chart will be compiled on April 18 after today’s (April 9) second free OD2 digital download day gets underway.

OD2 co-owner, former Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel, will offer music fans £3 of free music, including 30 downloads, 300 streams or three recordings onto CD, from today until April 15.

Music fans can register for free downloads at