Its 'upbeat nature' gives it the nod over 'The Scientist'...

American COLDPLAY fans will get ‘CLOCKS’ as the second single from ‘A RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD’, instead of ‘THE SCIENTIST’.

‘The Scientist’ will be released in the UK on November 11. However, according to MTV news, the band’s label in the US preferred the upbeat nature of ‘Clocks’ and have thus chosen it as the next US release.

Speaking about ‘Clocks’, singer Chris Martin said: “I reckon everybody in the world questions whether they’re useful to the world or not. Some people think they’re doing marvellous things. Hitler thought he was doing great things for the world, and yet we’d all say, ‘No, no, no, he was doing terrible things.’ Some people would say that Coldplay is a great thing for music and the world. Other people would regard us as the devil incarnate, so of course it’s always a conflict.”

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