Review: T In The Park 2003, Main Stage, Saturday

Coldplay, The Charlatans, Feeder, The Coral, Sugababes, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Darkness...

Gwynnie’s round the back, C.M has done his yoga, the rest of the band may

have put on a little weight, but the mobile phones are aloft as ‘Clocks’

sums up a perfect near-end to a near-perfect festival. Oasis are dissed in a

re-jigged ‘Songbird’ (“They used to like me but they don’t now”), and Ian

McCulloch joins in for second encore ‘Lips Like Sugar’. They, once again,

walked it.

The LA sun might have gone to Tim Burgess’s head, what with his insistence

of a bodyguard in the NME signing tent. And – by looks of his freshly dyed

barnet – his hair too. But the hits keep on a-coming. ‘One To Another’,

‘Can’t Get Out Of Bed’, ‘North Country Boy’. Who else could do it?

From accidental chartstormer ‘Buck Rogers’ to crowd-pleaser ‘Find The

Feeling’, >Feeder now regularly touch a nerve that the pre ‘Comfort In Sound’

material never really saw them touch. Plus, more importantly, Grant

Nicholas has had his hair cut, meaning Feeder sound remains neatly trimmed all round.

‘The Sun Hits The Sky’ strikes a just the right chord at the right time, but it’s the sticker on Mikey’s bass that reads “explosive” that rings the most truth. “We haven’t played this song for a while,” announces Gaz, launching into a blinding (but arsed-up) rendition of ‘Alright’. Alright? Today, Supergrass rule.

[/a]’s magic moment comes with ‘Dreaming Of You’, epic in its

simplicity and tendency to force people who don’t even know the words to

sing along.

[a]? Well, they do that new one that samples that Sting one. And in the basking Sunday sunshine with the lager flowing, there’s more than a twitch down the pants of half of the audience (that’s the males). But musically? Scouser-heckles aside, they are actually pretty good. Fun, sexy, and bouncing. Even NME.COM has urges at a festival, you know.

With his smart blue blazer, tight jeans and sunglasses, Ian McCulloch might look like

your Dad out for an afternoon stroll. But as ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ morphs into ‘Walk On The Wild Side’, there’s something timeless about [a][/a]’s music, even if no one other than Chris Martin admits to caring. Nice teeth, too.

Leopard skin Lycra, poodle perms, legs akimbo, it can only be The

Darkness. Opinion as to whether they herald the future of rock and roll, or the comeback of Def Leppard is still divided. But the crowd (here in their droves already) are smiling, as are the band. So perhaps they will have the last laugh after all.

Rich Pelley