Frontman Chris Martin admits to NME.COM: "How could anyone not be affected by something big like that?"..

COLDPLAY frontman CHRIS MARTIN has spoken exclusively to NME.COM about the effect that the attack on the WORLD TRADE CENTER

had on their new album, ‘A RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD’.

The album is released on August 26, preceded by the single ‘In My Place’ on August 5. It had been rumoured that the band had written much of the album about September 11.

But Chris Martin explained: “All I said was ‘How could anyone not be affected by something big like that?’. The song ‘Politick’ was written in the same week as September 11. That comes out of us thinking ‘Fuck! We’re all going to die!’. That’s what most of the album’s about. There’s a theme running through the album which is ‘This could be your last meal – so make it a nice meal’.”

Coldplay’s determination to return with a brilliant second album led to them ditching several songs. “What we’d done sounded okay, but I thought it was an opportunity to do something mega,” explained Martin. “So loads of songs got scrapped and the good ones got kept, like ‘In My Place’, ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’, ‘God Put A Smile Upon Your Face’, ‘A Warning Sign’, ‘Amsterdam’ and a song called ‘Politick’. Then this whole bunch of new tunes just landed and we all worked them really fast.”

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