The band write five new songs in four weeks...

Coldplay have written “five new songs in four weeks” as work continues at speed on the follow-up to ‘PARACHUTES’.

The group are still writing and recording material for their second album in London, which is due for release later in the year.

Writing on the group’s official website,, band manager Phil Harvey said the best results come when the group work “at pace”.

He wrote: “This band works best at pace. The past few days have been a complete case in point. Five new songs in four weeks, all destined for a place on the final tracklisting, all finished but for minor over-dubs and mixing.

“Suffice to say that the band have worked themselves into a position where they are on the verge of realising their most high-spirited artistic ambitions…

The song blueprints invariably come from Chris (Martin), the moment of conception coming usually when you least expect it…Sometimes the band jam the songs all together, creating their parts and the songs tone and feel as they go along. More usually however they’ll work on their contributions individually with the other three watching over and making comments and criticisms.”

Harvey said that the group have picked a smaller studio that would be expected for recording, which has helped create the right atmosphere.

He continued: “In relation to the London studios which charge sometimes up to five times as much daily rent, ([a][/a]’s is) lacking in most of the features which make a studio luxurious or decadent. The boys aren’t even in the biggest studio in the complex.

“The playing room is the size of a large-ish bedroom; the control room is smaller than some lavatories. But what those two rooms have is an atmosphere which puts the six of them in relaxed, acutely creative mood that they are yet to achieve anywhere else. There are more laughs and smiles in that room in an hour than you’d get our capital’s most celebrated bars in an evening.”