Even though it's been snapped up by millions, Will Champion has problems with 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head'...

COLDPLAY star WILL CHAMPION has said their recent show at the LONDON FORUM marked a turning point for the group – but he still can’t listen to their chart-topping album ‘A RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD’.

The band, who formed in London three years ago after meeting at University, played a one-off date at the Forum (August 29). Singer Chris Martin told the audience the night would be a “big party and a homecoming”.

The gig sold out instantly. The 2,000-capacity venue counted as an intimate venue for Coldplay, who play an arena tour later this year.


The Coldplay drummer said that the gig was the first time they could play the new songs and not have to apologise about songs from ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’ being new.

Writing to fans on www.coldplay.com, he said: “Knowing the reaction to the album and how many people have got the new album has really blown us away. Knowing that people seem to be into what we are doing even if it is different to what we did before is really amazing for us because for a long time, we really didn’t know.”

Since its release, ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’ has gone Top Five in the US, as well as hitting the Number One spot in eleven countries, including the UK. However, Champion said he still can’t listen to it.

“It’s finally out and now there really is nothing we can do about it,” he said. “That’s the danger of listening to one’s own records, there’s always something that should have been done differently.

“I stopped listening to it when I knew there was no way of changing it any more which was about two and a half months ago. The period of waiting that occurred between the finishing of this album and its release was possibly one of the weirdest times we’ve had for a while. It was like waiting for exam results, knowing that we felt confident (sort of) in our own heads about what we’d done, but not having a clue whether our best was good enough.”