The most unlikely collaboration of the year is on the cards...

COLDPLAY bassist GUY BERRYMAN has revealed plans to work with AT THE DRIVE-IN on a “country record” in EL PASO.

Berryman said the two bands met while touring Australia as part of the Big Day Out festival last month, and he plans to work with Drive-In guitarist Jim on a “country record” under the name London Country Rebels.

Speaking to Jam music website [url=], he said: “They are a great band and such nice guys – they’ve become good friends of ours. Jim and I are going to make a country record and do some old-school, Flying Burrito Brothers kind of music, probably down there in El Paso, where he lives.

“It’s funny, but we both hate people who think we shouldn’t like other kinds of music than the stuff we play. They’re in it for the music and have so many things going on musically, and so do we.”

Although the collaboration may appear unlikely on the surface, speaking to NME.COM following the NME Carling Awards, Coldplay singer Chris Martin also claimed the bands had become friends. He said: “We’ve just come back off tour in Australia where we have just had the best time. We were touring with At The Drive-In and PJ Harvey and I just thought ‘There’s no way we’re going to get on with these two bands’, because we’re so different. But it turned out that there was a whole lot of mutual respect and we actually became friends.

“At The Drive-In might sound heavier than us, but it seemed like we shared the same philosophy about music. We won ‘Best New Artist’ at the NME Awards, but I’d rather have seen At The Drive-In win.”