The "bedwetters" want to let their music do the talking...

Coldplay have spoken out about ALAN McGEE‘s dissing of them last week as “bedwetters” in his attack on this year’s nominations for the MERCURY MUSIC PRIZE.

Speaking to after a low-key gig in London in front of 150 people this afternoon (August 1), the band – currently favourites to win the Mercury Prize – dismissed the former Creation boss’ scathing comments, made in the Guardian newspaper on Friday (July 28).

McGee said: “Top of Mercury‘s list is Coldplay: bedwetters’ music. They’re Jeff Buckley-lite, the band that you’re supposed to like if you’re a student. This is what frustrates me about the current music scene. If the Mercury Music Prize sands for anything, it supposedly stands for innovation. So how can David Holmes and Primal Scream be left out?”


Frontman Chris Martin was reluctant to be drawn into a slanging match, and would only comment: “I don’t give a shit what he has to say really. It doesn’t matter.”

Guitarist Jon Buckland said, however: “I’ve never wet the bed. I once did a poo under the table when I was three. But that’s about it.”

And more seriously he added: “We are trying to be who we are, y’know. But that’s about it. Pretending to be ‘a bit mad’ would just be sad.”

The band were speaking after they had completed a gig in front of an invited audience of 150 people. They performed songs from their debut album ‘Parachutes’ – still in the Top Three three weeks after release – to an audience largely made up of friends and family, with Chris joking and relaxed throughout the gig.

The set comprised: ‘Spies’, ‘Shiver’, ‘Trouble’, ‘Don’t Panic’, ‘Yellow’, ‘Everything’s Not Lost’.

Introducing ‘Shiver’, Chris said: “This is one of our hits. Mind you, we’ve only got two of them. It’s more than Deep Blue Something, isn’t it?”