Your chance to get 'Brothers And Sisters' in full...

Coldplay‘s debut single is featured on a new cut-price compilation CD from the FIERCE PANDA record label – and readers will be able to download exclusively the much-sought-after track from October 2.

The album, self-evidently titled ‘The Dead Cheap Fierce Panda Sampler’, will retail for #2.99 when it is released on Monday (September 25).

It contains 15 tracks from various members of the Panda posse, including Hundred Reasons, Llama Farmers, Seafood and Linoleum.


The Coldplay song, ‘Brothers And Sisters’ was their debut single, released on the label in April 1999 and limited to 2,500 copies.

The full tracklisting of the ‘Dead Cheap…’ album is: SEAFOOD ‘This Is Not An Exit’ BELLATRIX ‘This Boy Will Be Mine’ MALLUKA ‘Beehive’ LINOLEUM ‘Sing To Me’ INNER SLEEVE ‘Come Alive’ TENNER ‘Where Do You Come From?’ MERCEDES ‘Nailed’ COLDPLAY ‘Brothers & Sisters’ HUNDRED REASONS ‘Cerebra’ TIM ALLON ‘Ten Thousand Years From Now’ ASTRONAUT ‘Stone Cold Sober’ LLAMA FARMERS ‘Paper Eyes’ CHEWY ‘Second Hand Magic’ TWIST ‘Glistening’ TINY TOO ‘Time To Let Go’

It follows in the tradition of previous Fierce Panda compilations, ‘Nings Of Desire’, ‘Nings And Roundabouts’ and ‘Where The Wild Nings Are’. For more info, go to [url=]

Meanwhile Coldplay, who release their new single ‘Trouble’ on October 23, are being championed in the States by Los Angeles station KROQ.

After extensive negotiations, the band finally inked a deal in the US with Nettwerk Records at the beginning of September, and their Mercury Prize nominated album ‘Parachutes’ is released in America on November 7.