He fills in at the Pilton Party after the band almost cancel due to illness...

Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin played an impromptu solo acoustic performance at this year’s PILTON PARTY last night (September 1) after guitarist JON BUCKLAND was taken ill.

The band were due to join headliners Embrace at the annual event co-ordinated by Glastonbury Festival organiser Michael Eavis as a way of raising money and saying thank you to the local community.

The bands who headline the Pilton Party are hotly tipped to be high up the bill at next year’s Glastonbury.


However, yesterday, Coldplay guitarist Buckland was diagnosed with glandular fever and felt too unwell to play the show. Instead of cancelling, Martin played an eight-song acoustic set on piano and guitar.

Throughout the duration of the show, he admitted to “cacking himself” before going on stage, telling the audience that he would leave if anyone got bored. However, the audience reaction was brinking on hero worship.

One eyewitness told “You have to respect his bottle, most bands would have pulled the show, especially somewhere where it doesn’t really matter, but if anything we got better value for money because it was a unique gig.”

Speaking informally to following the performance, Martin said: “We had to do something because of all the fans but we were worried that we’d be booed off or something. It ended up going really well.”

Festival organiser Michael Eavis added: “They did really well, especially considering the circumstances. He carried it off perfectly and the reception he got for having a go was simply amazing.”

Martin‘s set ran: ‘Shiver’ ‘Spies’ ‘Help Is Around The Corner’ ‘Bigger Stronger’ ‘Don’t Panic’ ‘Trouble’ ‘Yellow’ ‘Sparks’


Other bands who have played the Pilton Party include Reef, Catatonia and the Stone Roses.

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