The band's spokesman accuses the ex-Creation boss of using the Mercury Music Prize winners for "cheap publicity"...

A UK spokesperson for Coldplay has contacted nme.com to respond to the remarks made by ex-CREATION RECORDS boss ALAN McGEE earlier today (August 16).

McGee, who first took exception to Coldplay after they were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, said this week Coldplay were “twats”. He added “Coldplay are like something from an ice-cream advert, just complete careerists. They might as well be saying ‘Bend me over the desk and fuck me up the arse.’ It’s pathetic.”

The band’s official spokesperson, who earlier commented that the band intended to “shrug off” his jibes, told nme.com this afternoon that it looks like McGee is using the success of Coldplay – whose debut album ‘Parachutes’ went straight to number one after its release and still remains at number five – as a method of gaining publicity. He said: “It’s obvious he knows nothing about Coldplay. Knocking them is a cheap and easy way to create publicity for himself and his new label.”

Coldplay are confirmed to play at this weekend’s V2000 festival at Hylands Park, Chelmsford and Weston Park, Stafford (August 19-20).