Chris Martin's illness led to severe disruption at the tail end of the jaunt - and the band say they're sorry for the "disappointment" and "inconvenience"...

COLDPLAY have apologised to fans in the US and CANADA for disruption to the tail end of their tour owing to frontman CHRIS MARTIN’s illness.

As revealed on NME.COM over the weekend, the band had to abandon their gig at New York Irving Plaza on Friday night (February 16) after Martin’s voice gave in, due to suffering from a cold and throat infection.

In a statement posted on the band’s official website, [url=], their manager Phil Harvey said: “On behalf of the band, I would like to apologise for the inevitable disappointment and inconvenience these cancellations caused.

“By way of solace, all I can say is that I am already working on an extensive North American tour for May/June.”

The band performed their show at Chicago Metro as planned last night (February 19), and will be flying back to the UK immediately afterwards, with both Martin and guitarist Guy Berryman now suffering from flu. “With two out of four band members down with flu but the equipment already set up in the venue, it was felt that this gig could be done as a final push,” Harvey explained.

Ticket holders for shows cancelled at Boston Avalon (February 17), Toronto Guverment (February 20) and Miami Hard Rock Cafe (February 23) are advised to seek refunds at the point of purchase.

As announced on stage, the New York date has been rescheduled for April 9 at Roseland Ballroom, with free entry guaranteed to anyone who collected a relevant replacement ticket at the close of the Irving Plaza show on Friday night. The remaining tickets for the larger capacity venue will go on sale at a date yet to be announced.