A trance mix of the group's hit 'Trouble' is tipped for release as a single...

A trance remix of COLDPLAY’s ‘TROUBLE’ could be set for a single release, NME.COM can reveal.

The remix by the UK trance act Lost Witness, has already had frequent plays on Radio 1 from DJs like Dave Pearce and Jo Whiley, and has been a hit in the clubs, with DJs like Paul Oakenfold and Judge Jules including it in their sets.

And there has been such a positive response to the track that Lost Witness’ label Data are understood to have begun negotiations with Coldplay’s label Parlophone to enable a full release for the track.

“We haven’t sped up or slowed down the vocals,” said Lost Witness’ Simon Kempler on choosing a ballad to remix. “The original track’s at 70bpm, and our production is pitched at 140, double the tempo, so it fits. Same thing, so it’s ideal really, in another respect. My partner Simon Paul DJs, and when he’s played it out, the place has just lit up.

“We’ve tried to be sympathetic about it,” he continued. “You don’t want to piss anyone off when you’re doing stuff like this. It’d be too easy to get the track and drop a vocal in that had nothing to do with the original song.”

The remix follows Radiohead’s censuring of a remix undertaken by Paul Oakenfold of ‘Street Spirit’. The band’s objections mean that the remix will never have an official release. However, Coldplay’s reaction seems far more amicable, meaning that it may only be a matter of time before the bootleg is given an official release.

“They don’t love it, and they don’t hate it,” commented a Coldplay spokesperson. “But they think it’s pretty good for what it is. If it gets more people to hear ‘Trouble’, then that’s fine.”

Coldplay have not as yet had any of their tracks remixed by dance producers for commercial release, but Chris Martin’s drum ‘n’ bass DJ brother is understood to have remixed the last two Coldplay singles. It is not yet known whether these will ever see the light of day.