Coldplay announce last minute gig at London’s Natural History Museum

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Coldplay have announced that they’ll mark the release of their new album with an intimate show at London’s Natural History Museum later this month.

The band will play the esteemed venue on Monday November 25, only days after releasing eighth album ‘Everyday Life‘ this Friday.

Exclusive ticket access will be granted to UK fans who pre-order the record from Coldplay’s official store before Friday, 22 November. All proceeds from the show will go towards the work of ClientEarth, an environmental charity which has teamed up with the band.


This Friday, Coldplay will also launch ‘Everyday Life’ with two performances in Jordan, where they’ll play the double album in full.

The band have also adopted unique methods to promote the album, having announced the LP’s tracklist via a Welsh local paper.

Coldplay shared the official video for  ‘Orphans’ last month. The visuals see Chris Martin and co. perform in a rotating room whilst backed by colourful imagery.

Reviewing Orphans and fellow comeback track ‘Arabesque’, NME wrote last month: “Surprise! – these tracks find Coldplay sounding both modern – riding the nu-jazz wave – and classic, like your dad’s Top Gear car CD, and sounding as assured as they ever have done.

“Of the two new songs unveiled today (October 24), ‘Orphans’ is the most typically Coldplay-y in that we have your average straining-on-the-bog vocal from Chris Martin and that mood of euphoria tinged with a bit of the bittersweet that they’ve made their own. But this is Coldplay – for a long time now one of the world’s biggest rock bands – sounding more like a big rock band than they have before.”