Chris Martin admits being “very homophobic” as “a kid discovering sexuality”

The Coldplay frontman opens up about his worries of being gay when he was growing up

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has opened up about being “very homophobic” when he was “a kid discovering sexuality” during his younger days at boarding school.

Martin, who was married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow for seven years until their “conscious uncoupling” in 2014 and is now dating Dakota Johnson, spoke to Rolling Stone about the “terrible turmoil” he went through as a young student when he and fellow students thought that he might be gay.

“When I went to boarding school I walked a bit funny and I bounced a bit, and I was also very homophobic because I was like, ‘If I’m gay, I’m completely fucked for eternity’ and I was a kid discovering sexuality,” said Martin.


“‘Maybe I’m gay, maybe I’m this, maybe I’m that, I can’t be this’ so I was terrified and then I walked a bit funny and I was in a boarding school with a bunch of quite hardcore kids who were also gone for their thing and, for a few years, they would very much say, ‘You’re definitely gay,’ in quite a full-on manner, quite aggressively telling me that and it was weird for me for a few years.”

Under the taunts of his fellow students, Martin recalled the confusion of thinking at the time, “‘I don’t know [if I’m gay] and even if I am, I can’t be because it’s wrong… If I am, I can’t be’.”

In his mid-teens as his focus turned towards music, Martin found that he wasn’t gay and he lost his prejudice after “a bit more exposure to the world”.

“About 15-and-a-half, I don’t know what happened, I was like, ‘Yeah, so what?’ and then it all just stopped overnight,” said Martin. “It was very interesting. [I had] a bit more exposure to the world, thinking, ‘A lot of my heroes are gay’, or whatever. Whatever they are, it doesn’t really matter.”

Martin and Paltrow have two children together. He has been in a relationship with Dakota Johnson since 2017,


Coldplay’s Chris Martin. CREDIT: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

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