Coldplay perform with wheelchair-bound fan in Dublin – watch

The fan was crowdsurfed to the front in his wheelchair

Coldplay performed with a wheelchair-bound fan in Dublin this weekend, after he was crowdsurfed to the stage.

In an interview with BBC News, the fan – named Rob – explains how the event on the ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ tour took place: “A lad accidentally fell on me and was extremely apologetic. He and his friends insisted on lifting me and getting me a better view. Chris Martin invited me up onstage so that I was on stage with Coldplay.”

Chris Martin helped the fan onto the stage, before giving him a harmonica and collaboratively performing an improvised, acoustic song about Dublin. “He is 29-years-old and training is his job,” Martin sang, continuing, “Here we are in Dublin, what an awesome crowd. I’ve been around the whole wide world, never seen anybody so loud.”

Watch fan-shot footage of the event below. Coldplay later posted a clip of the performance to their Facebook page, writing: “Amazing scenes in Dublin this evening.”

Last month, Coldplay invited another, 19-year-old fan to the stage in Munich.

Frontman Chris Martin was playing piano on a smaller stage in the middle of the crowd when he spotted one fan holding up a sign that read: “Can I play ‘Everglow’ for you?”

19-year-old Ferdinand Schwartz was then invited on stage to perform the track. “You know where it starts?” Martin asked the fan as Schwartz began to play the introduction. “Oh shit, I might as well go home now,” responded the singer, who then accompanied Schwartz on the track.